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Have you ever wondered 'what is the tallest building in the world?'

There is actually a council that determines this and architects strive for the title. Earlier this month the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) made headlines confirming One World Trade Center's 1,776-foot height. The announcement has One World Trade Center among the top 3 tallest buildings in the world. Here's a great rendering comparing the tallest buildings in the world.

Last week, Howard Ecker, founder of Howard Ecker + Company, talked about the actual business value of being based in the continent’s tallest building on Broker Savant. Howard states that “An iconic building gives you cache.”

We definitely could use more iconic buildings here in Denver. Right now, our most notable are Republic Plaza, 1801 California St (can we get a better name on this one?), the cash register building (also known as Wells Fargo Financial Center), and the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences Denver. Found this by Emporis, as it relates to our tallest buildings.

In case you're wondering, (from the CTBUH recent article), the Council measures the height of buildings in three categories:

1. Height to Architectural Top
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the architectural top of the building, including spires, but not including antennae, signage, flag poles or other functional-technical equipment. This measurement is the most widely utilized and is employed to define the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat rankings of the "World's Tallest Buildings."

2. Highest Occupied Floor
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the finished floor level of the highest occupied6 floor within the building.

3. Height to Tip
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the highest point of the building, irrespective of material or function of the highest element (i.e., including antennae, flagpoles, signage and other functional-technical equipment).

The above list might make better sense if you read the entire article...


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Come Celebrate Manny's Bridge! RSVP today.

As many of you know, I serve on the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. We are holding a special fundraising social on Monday, Dec 2nd to raise funds for one of our cultural art displays that is need of funds for maintenance and repairs. The invitation is below and we would love your support if you are able to join us. Even if you are not able to join us, you may still donate (any amount is appreciated and helps) through our event website.

The pedestrian steel railroad bridge is located at 14th and Wynkoop, crosses over Cherry Creek and connects the Auraria area to LoDo. Many of you may have seen the light display walking in the evening to or from our neighborhood playground, the Pepsi Center, or riding your bike, etc. The bridge has great historical value and was saved by our neighbors and famous city preservationists. It is named after our current 95 year old neighbor Manny Salzman who has also been a long term investor in preserving LoDo's fabulous buildings.

Diane Huntress raised initial funds prior to 2007 and helped develop the LoDo Lights project. Hope to see you there!

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