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Expanding My Knowledge Base

Dear Blog Fans!

I hope this message finds you healthy and happy. I wanted to let you know about an exciting change that I have made in my real estate career. I’m now serving the residential real estate market as an independent broker. My previous company (Keller Williams Realty) has prepared me very well over the past 6 years and I’m grateful for the experience that I gained from many colleagues and professionals there.

I believe that you are already aware of another awesome change that I’ve made - I’ve joined the Denver office of Howard Ecker + Company . The company is a leading commercial tenant representation firm with offices in Chicago, New York, Denver, Detroit and Miami. I will work on behalf of tenants to help them hedge their real estate market risk, business risk and building risk, assuring real estate financing terms that meet exacting requirements. I’m thrilled for this opportunity to broaden my skills in commercial real estate sales & leasing.

If you have any commercial real estate matters, my new email address at Howard Ecker + Company will be and just for grins, here’s my bio on the website .

I’ve truly appreciated your business, referrals, and all of your support over the years. Thank you for thinking of me when you think of real estate! I’m eager to help anyone you know who ever has any questions. Please stay tuned as I embrace this new journey. Have a great weekend!!

Warmest Regards,


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Thank You for the Support & Encouragement

Here are some recent responses to my new position in commercial real estate:

"Congratulations Kirstan! So happy for you, that sounds like an amazing opportunity! Giuseppe

"This is just so impressive, and I’m so happy for you!! I have read all there is to read about your new job, and I think that this looks so good. I’m sure there is a lot of things that are new and exciting, but I know that you like a
challenge and this seems to be solid and a place you can do the things that you know best." Knut-Stian

"Congratulations Kirstan on your new endeavor! I hope things are going well for you now and the transition has been smooth." Krystal

"That’s a great picture of you!! And, I love that bio." Michele

"Awesome. Congrats Kirstan! This looks like a great company." Ben

"Congratulations Kirstan...cheers to your independence and your courage for stepping out!" Keri

"Cool! I love your bio. Good luck." Brandi

"Congratulations on the new career move Kirstan." Lee

"You rock, my dear. So very proud of you." Amy

"Congratulations, Kirstan! May your new direction be fullfilling in every way!" Laurie

"Good Luck my friend! You will totally succeed!!!!" Aimee

"Sounds exciting! I’m sure you will do amazing in these new arenas!" Shelly

"Awesome girl.... go get 'em!" Tanya

"Congratulations!!!! That's great news - really excited for you." Amber

"Congratulations, Kirstan! This is wonderful news!!! You'll be a real rock star! They're lucky to have you join their team! Good luck!!" Stacy

So you may wonder what I'm working on business-wise...I'm currently helping a woman from Minnesota who is opening up a new boutique in Denver. She has a passion for green and sustainable products that are better for our environment. I love helping people this way!


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Howard Ecker + Company Announces New Location Innovator in Denver

Chicago – National tenant representation firm, Howard Ecker + Company, today announced Kirstan Marks as Location Innovator and Broker for its Denver branch.

Previously, Marks practiced residential real estate at Keller Williams Realty for six years. Her real estate expertise includes property management, investment property holdings, market analysis and educating and assisting investors, buyers and sellers. Before entering the real estate industry, Marks worked in corporate public relations,marketing,event planning, advertising, small business management and accounting.

Marks is an elected board member of the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association(LoDoNA), a non-profit organization committed to seeking quality living conditions amid the mixed uses of the Lower Downtown area of Denver. Additionally, she actively participates in The Downtown Denver Partnership and the Colorado chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

“I am passionate about contributing to the intelligent and effective growth of the downtown area,” says Marks.

In her new position, Marks will develop and execute innovative strategies to help clients find office space that reflects their corporate culture and values. She will represent tenants in commercial lease transactions and build-to-suit projects.

The Denver branch decided to hire Marks when successful transactions necessitated additional help. Among the location’s recent large-scale transactions is a United States training and warehouse facility in Louisville, Colorado for Calfrac Well Services, including 23,537 square feet of office space, training rooms and lab space, and 9,750 square feet of warehouse space.


About Howard Ecker + Company
Howard Ecker + Company is a leading commercial tenant representation company with offices in Chicago, New York, Denver, Detroit and Miami. The firm works exclusively on behalf of tenants to help them hedge their real estate market risk, business risk and building risk, assuring real estate financing terms that meet exacting requirements.

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Passionately Urban

Welcome to my journey. My name is Kirstan Borne and I'm an active community member, a Denver Realtor, RE investor, property manager, appraiser in training and a business owner. I moved from the suburbs to the city of Denver over 12 years ago. I'm passionate about intelligent and prosperous growth of Denver and state of Colorado. Location Innovators, Llc.

Kirstan Denver Realtor

To connect with me, email me at To search for a new home in the Denver metro area, please visit here .

Disclaimer: Regarding information throughout this blog that may appear to be advice - be sure to consult with your own qualified CPA and/or attorney concerning any legal matter.

Connect with me on Facebook Kirstan Marks, Kirstan Marks, Realtor (Location Innovators Llc): Commercial Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO

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