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LoDo Lights Attract Many and Brightens the Neighborhood

LoDo Lights Will Be Turning Two!

In March of 2009, Denver was introduced to LoDoLights, a world-class light art installation by Virginia Folkestad on the iconic Manny’s Bridge in the heart of LoDo. Manny's Bridge crosses over the rails at the west of end of Wynkoop Street. The project is a unqiue partnership between the neighborhood, who funded the artwork, and the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs who maintains the art. As successful and popular as the installation is, the project is not yet completed according to the original design, and LoDoNa (Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association) is raising funds to finish the project. The goal is to celebrate the completion at the anniversary in the Spring!

The final phase includes two additional LED lights, new and edgier projected art and further interactivity. Additionally, the world’s best programming technology is now available, which will allow for an even more impressive experience. This phase will also include a permanent sign at the bridge describing the art and all sponsors.

LoDoNa expresses a great deal of gratitude to all who have made the first phase a success and if you would like to donate to complete this amazing project, please use this secure link >

By the way, LoDo Lights was featured in an international online magazine, Enlighter in June 2010. For the article and great photos, go to Current 3 By Virginia Folkestad >

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