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LoDo Lights Attract Many and Brightens the Neighborhood

LoDo Lights Will Be Turning Two!

In March of 2009, Denver was introduced to LoDoLights, a world-class light art installation by Virginia Folkestad on the iconic Manny’s Bridge in the heart of LoDo. Manny's Bridge crosses over the rails at the west of end of Wynkoop Street. The project is a unqiue partnership between the neighborhood, who funded the artwork, and the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs who maintains the art. As successful and popular as the installation is, the project is not yet completed according to the original design, and LoDoNa (Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association) is raising funds to finish the project. The goal is to celebrate the completion at the anniversary in the Spring!

The final phase includes two additional LED lights, new and edgier projected art and further interactivity. Additionally, the world’s best programming technology is now available, which will allow for an even more impressive experience. This phase will also include a permanent sign at the bridge describing the art and all sponsors.

LoDoNa expresses a great deal of gratitude to all who have made the first phase a success and if you would like to donate to complete this amazing project, please use this secure link >

By the way, LoDo Lights was featured in an international online magazine, Enlighter in June 2010. For the article and great photos, go to Current 3 By Virginia Folkestad >


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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The Denver Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. To make this special time of year a great experience for you and your family, we are asking that a few special precautions be taken. Please find the below listed driving and safety tips:

Holiday Tidings
Dress Down:
Dress casually and comfortably. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

Shop Together:
Shop with friends and family if at all possible. Try not to shop alone, especially at night.

Educate Your Kids:
Teach kids what to do if you get separated. Tell them to find a store clerk or security person.

Tell someone where you are going and how long you will be gone. Let them know if you change your schedule.

Park Smart:
Park close to the store. Avoid dark and secluded areas.

Lock the Car:
Keep doors locked and windows closed. Remember your keys.

Stay Alert:
Remember where you park your car. Be aware of suspicious cars and people.

Watch Your Purse:
Hold your purse close to your body or use a front pocket if carrying a wallet. Preferably wear a fanny pack.

Avoid Cash:
Never flash large amounts of money. Try to use checks or credit cards instead of cash.

Use Credit Cards Safely:
Beware of identity theft and keep receipts safe. Record credit card numbers at home and guard PIN numbers.

Shop in Small Doses:
Make regular trips to the car. Avoid carrying too many packages that put you off balance and make you a target.

Returning to the Parking Lot:
Have your car keys out when returning to your car. Check the back seat and under the car before getting in.

Hide Packages:
Store packages in the trunk of the car. Put your packages in the trunk before you drive to your next location not when you arrive. Never leave them visible inside the car.

Never go home if you think you are being followed or if you feel threatened. Go to a busy well-lit safe place.

Don't Play Hero:
Comply with a thief's demands. Record an accurate description for law enforcement: height, weight, eye color, hair color, scars, tattoos, clothing, and license plate.

Date Released: December 20, 2010
Source: The Denver Police Department
Contact: Detective John White #98046
Address: Office of the Chief, 1331 Cherokee St., Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 720-913-6028
Fax: 720-913-7021


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Lower Downtown Neighborhood Annual Meeting

Join all your LoDo friends at the Four Seasons Hotel for the LoDoNA Annual Meeting. Enjoy lots of time for drinks, appetizers, and socializing. Catch up on what's new in the neighborhood with four brief presentations.

• The New 14th Street Ambassador Project
• Living City Blocks 'Green' Pilot
• Denver B-Cycle Bike Sharing
• Union Station Update

LoDoNA Annual Meeting
Four Reasons at the Four Seasons
January 18, 2011 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Four Seasons Hotel
1080 14th Street
$25 at the door; $20 in advance online >

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