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Open House in Wheat Ridge Today

Come visit me and view this terrific home that's for sale in Wheat Ridge. It's conveniently located near Sloan Lake, restaurants, shopping, and downtown Denver. The open house will be from 11 am to 1 pm at 2820 Gray Street in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

2820 Gray Street Flyer


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Get A Taste of Colorado

Taste Logo

The annual "A Taste of Colorado" began today in Civic Center Park and will last through Monday. The Downtown Denver Partnership holds this event over the Labor Day Weekend to celebrate community pride and spirit in Denver. The festival features free musical acts, an abundance of Denver's finest food vendors, merchandise booths, crafts, and art demonstrations. Visit the website for more information.

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Dr. Seuss for President

I think all of us Denverites are a bit pooped from the DNC hoopla. This little guy certainly is.

Oliver the Dog

He was hanging out at the Dr. Suess for President Art Exhibit at Gallery One in Writer's Square. It's a very cool display of playful pieces of art inspired by the Dr. Suess books. If I had a child and the money, I would buy a few of the pieces; they are perfect for a kid's room. Gallery One is located at 1512 Larimer Street and I encourage you to check out the art on display through September 30th.

Dr Suess for President

Presidential speeches would be so much more exciting if they resonated the writing style of the Dr. Suess books. Can you imagine?


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Signs of the DNC

If you didn't get to visit downtown Denver during the Democratic National Convention, I'll bring a little of it to you on my blog. Here are a few of the most interesting signs I saw while checking out the DNC festivities -

war moron

code pink


Get some ass




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Security Galore

I think the security surrounding this event is great and necessary. It's definitely appreciated by the residents of Denver. Even the horses are wearing face shields. Peta would be proud.


Here's my friend Kelly leaving on her motocycle after joining me for a drink tonight. She's one hot babe on a bike.



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Not ALL about Obama

So this was an interesting sight along 16th Street Mall today. Those are missiles attached to the middle area and McCain's distorted face lingering above.

McCain Supporters


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Denver is the Place for Politics

So today, on the way to my driving shift, I got to see the Pepsi Center up close.

Delegates Entrance to the Pepsi Center
Pepsi Center

At the close of my shift, I stopped by the CNN restaurant and MSNBC's "A Place for Politics."

CNN Restaurant


Mayor Hickenlooper Getting National Attention

Mayor Hickenlooper

I received my second of fame in the background on MSNBC's "A Place for Politics." I was one of the many there waving a fan...yay! In many shots, our building (The Ice House) was in the background and so was the infamous Union Station at 17th and Wynkoop.


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Green Concert at Red Rocks

Wow, we had the opportunity to see Cheryl Crow, Sugarland and Dave Matthews tonight at Red Rocks. Cheryl Crow was inspiring, Sugarland surprised everyone and Dave Matthews enjoyed strumming duels with his band mate. It was an awesome show.

Cheryl Crow Started the Show
cheryl crow

No one famous, just Chris and me
Chris and Me

Sam, Lara, and Josh

Tanya and me
tanya and me

Sugarland and An Amazing Voice

Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews

Okay, I know my pictures aren't the best. I'm still learning how to take pictures with my new phone.

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DNC Underway

Everyone in Denver knows that the DNC has taken over downtown Denver. It's quite a sight and very exciting to have tons of people in town.

During the festivities I'm volunteering with the Denver 2008 Host Committee and the Downtown Denver Partnership to help and be a part of this historical event. On Saturday, I started my driving shift for the Host Committee and had the opportunity to meet a delightful woman who is one of 12 speech writers for the speakers during the convention. Her name is Allegra Bennett (great name!) and she has written a few books and writes 3 columns for the Baltimore daily newspaper. I picked her up at the airport, gave her a bit of a tour of Denver, took her to Whole Foods, her hotel, and finally to the Pepsi Center, which is the venue for most of the convention.

Here are a few photos I took while working my other shifts with the Downtown Denver Partnership:

Labordoodles (sp?) with Mohawks Outside Denver Center for Performing Arts
Labordoodles with mohawks

Chicago Nominees Bring Chicago Style Jazz to Denver Streets

If you live in Colorado, you need to come to downtown Denver and experience the sights and sounds of this convention, it's very cool!


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Denver Gives

Join me for a launch party of Denver Gives. It's a new organization with a great mission. Denver Gives organizes and promotes social events and other special events that provide the Greater Denver Metro community with a unique way to give to charitable organizations. By simply attending fun events, young professionals are giving back to their community and helping small and medium size nonprofits further their missions!

When: Thursday, August 21
Where: Jonesy's Eat Bar, 20th & Logan, Denver
Time: 6 to 10 p.m.
Food and drink specials offered

I hope to see you there.


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I Love the Olympics!

Every night I'm so eager to watch amazing athletes compete. The Olympics have been such a nice distraction to rising gas prices, decreasing home values, economic downturn, war, invasion, DNC protesters, general negativity, etc.

I think that Shawn Johnson is awesome. The grace and sportswomanship that she has shown is inspiring. Hopefully she'll get her gold soon.


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Great Opening in Beijing!

I'm still in awe of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. I think Bob Costas said that the price tag was $300 Million and over 15,000 performers. Wow, the manpower and the message was inspiring, a bit idealist, but it was an amazing production.

I was most moved by the ongoing notion of harmony and I truly enjoyed the commentary about the entire ceremony from Matt Lauer, Bob Costas and the other man (unfortunately I can't remember his name, but it was obvious that he knew a great deal about the Chinese culture).

I learned a tad about a few new countries and Olympians. A country I had never heard of has a name that just rolls of your tongue - Djibouti, which sounds like "Didya Bootie."

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis star, looked ecstatic to be at the games and he couldn't stop smiling. I feel a little connection to Nadal because NetFronts hosted his website for several years.

I remember seeing one of the largest Olympians of all time during the parade. His name is Ricardo Blas, Jr. from Guam. At 399 lbs, he will be competing in Judo. Maybe he just sits on his opponents to win?

When Saudi Arabia walked by, I was stunned to learn that only men represent the country in the Olympics because women have very little rights. For instance, woman can drive only with a man guardian - um, hello? I guess they haven't had their own version of the Women Suffrage Movement yet. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates have the first two women competing this year, they are daughters of the Prime Minister.

I probably would have learned a lot more, but I actually fell asleep for a bit during the parade of nations. I didn't get to see USA walk by, but I recorded it and plan to catch up on what I missed.



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Joshua likes Katie

I'm calling it, he kissed her at least two times tonight.

So anyone who knows me, knows that my all time favorite show is "So You Think You Can Dance." It beats any reality show by a land slide. The finale was tonight and that makes me happy and sad. Joshua was crowned as America's favorite dancer, but they gave the top woman a prize as well - the first time they've done that on the show.

So Joshua won and Katie was the top woman. Joshua is an awesome dancer, very strong, and probably was "the least likely to win" at the beginning of the show...that's what makes the show so great. Anyway, Katie, was by far, the best dancer on the show (after Will got cut). She probably didn't win enough votes though because there wasn't a lot of opportunity for us to see her personality.

Anyway, I think Joshua and Katie should get together. I wonder if they like each other at all? Joshua was "buck" and Katie is the bomb.

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