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Hot Sounds Downtown

Every Thursday evening from 5-9 p.m. (June 19-Aug 7) there is a free concert at the Denver Pavilions. It's a lot of fun! Also, on display throughout the Pavilions on Thursdays starting at 11 a.m. up to 9 p.m., are several booths selling jewelry, art, fabrics, accessories, etc.

The Denver Pavilions are located at 16th and Glenarm. For more information, visit the Denver Pavilions website. See you there on Thursday!


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Caring for a Pet

As my husband asks when he sees an animal in a car, "why is it that people think their pet (usually a dog) wants to go along with them as they run errands?" I thought this was a good point. What do you think our pets would tell us if they could tell us what they really wanted to be doing? They probably wouldn't want to be held up in a hot (or cold), deserted car as people walk by and stare at them. Isn't that why they are usually barking or squealing?

Anyway, here are some tips that I received lately from one of my many email newsletter subscriptions and thought they might be good for something:

In Your Vehicle
Leaving your pet in the car can be very dangerous. On a hot day the temperature in your car could reach 160 degrees within 10 minutes. That's hot enough to cause heat stroke. Within moments, your pet could sustain permanent brain damage and even die. Leaving the window cracked won't cool the car enough to protect your pet. Although you may like taking your pet with you, when the weather is warm they are better off left at home. If you must leave your pet even for a few moments, leave a source of water.

In the Yard
Pets must be provided with adequate water, shade and shelter during the heat of summer.

Exercise your pet in the early morning or evening when it's coolest. Avoid lawns treated with pesticides and fertilizers, which can make pets sick if ingested.

Report Cruelty & Neglect
If you see evidence of cruelty or neglect, such as an animal left in a hot vehicle, or given inadequate shelter, water, or food, please contact the your local animal control.

This should be common sense, but since our pets can't speak to us, it's possible that we all forget this stuff occasionally.


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World's Ugliest Dog

Results from the World's Ugliest Dog Contest are in. Check out the pictures and results from the website. This seemed really lighthearted to me, which I needed after hearing hearing more bad news this evening (floods in the midwest, fires in CA, shooting in LoDo, declining job market, etc.), so the pictures from the Ugly Dog Contest made me smile a bit.


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Newest Condo Project

A colleague sent me this photo...Even trailer parks need to maximize the air space sometimes. Let me know if you might be interested in buying into something like this. It's HOT real estate!

Trailer Condos


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Sum, Sum, Summer Time Brings Out The Buyers!

It might be hard to believe, but the real estate market in Denver is booming. Not just for me, but for many of my colleagues. The sunshine and warm air has put a fire under people to get out and buy a home. Yay!

It's important to remember that sometimes it doesn't matter what is happening at a national level, which seems to be the focus of much of the media. The residential real estate market is a local phenomenon, and fortunately, Denver home prices have not fluctuated as much as California, Nevada, Florida and a few other places. Therefore, our market has been correcting, but it's not quite as devastating as the news makes it out to be.

Many areas throughout the Denver metro area are still seeing good appreciation and relatively quick home sales. Especially if the home has been well-maintained, is priced to sell, and clutter-free.


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Not Surprised by the Demise of 1401 Lawrence

On May 30th, it was announced that the 51-story, $165 million 1401 Lawrence condo projected scheduled to be developed in downtown Denver was called off due to poor pre-sales and the soft real estate market. 1401 Lawrence was going to be Denver's tallest condo tower and Canadian developer, Great Gulf Group Ltd's first residential project.

The plans were to build 145 units with asking prices of $600 to $650 per square foot. Units were expected to range from 1,200 to 7,400 square feet in size. Personally, it was a hard pitch to sell with 2 other high-rise luxury condo buildings being built within a block - the 41-story Spire, with 503 units starting at $200,000, and the 45-story Four Seasons, with 230 hotel rooms and 102 condos priced at $800,000 to $10 million.

On the other side of downtown at Lincoln & 20th St, another downtown condo high rise, One Lincoln Park offers 32-stories and 177-units. That project has completed exterior construction and expects buyers to start moving in late this summer. Asking prices for those units range from $500,000 to $2.7 million.

Maybe there will be another day for 1401 Lawrence.

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