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Sad Love Story For Some Home Buyers

Please, please, please get qualified for a loan BEFORE you start looking for a home!

This little diddy goes along with my post last month about Buyer's Market Doesn't Mean Everyone Can Buy!

Lending guidelines have become so tight, that many buyers are not qualified for the amount of financing that they think they could receive. A couple of my newest clients came looking for assistance from me after they had found the home that they wanted to purchase. They came to me because they know that I can help negotiate a great price for them, but I can only do that within their qualified financing amount. Unfortunately, one buyer in particular fell in love with a home, viewed it several times to become even more in love with it, only to find out in the end that the Seller could not afford to sell it for the amount that the buyer could afford to purchase it. This is a such a sad case because then we have a grieving period, then we must start over, look for homes in the correct price range, and the buyer usually always compares those homes to that first love.

No matter how idealistic this sounds, I got into this business to help make everyone's home buying dreams come true. But, this world is changing. Our economy is trying to recover from banks/lenders giving money away to anyone and everyone, and the lenders gave money to many people who couldn't afford to buy in the first place. Unfortunately, we are now picking up the pieces and the consequences are that underwriters are afraid of their own shadow and they are being very conservative at clearing financing for buyers.

FHA is a great option and has been restructured to allow many people to buy. It's actually considered one of the best loan options available today. Some of the most highlighted changes are that FHA is not just limited to first time home buyers, many people can qualify for FHA with only 3% down on the purchase (with an option for a down payment gift or assistance), appraisal guidelines now require less paperwork for the appraiser, and Sellers have the option to pay closing costs instead of being required to pay closing costs.

So that the sad love story I told you about above doesn't happen to someone you care about, get them in touch with me BEFORE they start looking for a home and we can go about the home search in the correct order - financing first, then look!


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Lovely Brick Ranch Just Listed in Edgewater!

This well-maintained home features a peaceful, park-like backyard, gleaming hardwood floors, new carpet, new paint, and main floor living. The neighborhood is quiet and the home is located conveniently near shopping, restaurants, Sloans Lake, and a 5 minute drive to downtown Denver.

Price: $219,900


Visit the open house on Saturday, May 10 from 1 - 4 p.m.
2256 Gray Street
Edgewater, CO 80214

• 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
• 1,177 Square Feet
• Main Floor Living
• Hardwood Floors
• New Paint
• New Carpet
• Nicely Landscaped
• Storage Shed
• Deck
• Off-Street Parking

2256Gray Living Room
2256Gray Dining Room
2256Gray Backyard
2256Gray Master

Want more information? Contact me today:

Kirstan Marks, Realtor &
Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Keller Williams Realty Downtown
720-266-7389 (Mobile)
303-561-2457 (Office)
303-496-0793 (Fax)
Find your Colorado dream home >


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Where To Buy (Even) Now

Check out this long article in 5280 Magazine. It's the printable format so that you can print it out and read it on the go. Yay!

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Kirstan Denver Realtor

To connect with me, email me at To search for a new home in the Denver metro area, please visit here .

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