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Want to Know If You'll Receive a Tax Rebate?

The IRS has posted comprehensive information on their website about the economic stimulus payments that will start to go out in May.

I still have mixed feelings about this. Will it help us, hurt us, make any difference? Doesn't our country have enough debt? How can government afford to give money back when the money isn't really there to give? How many people will put their rebate towards something that is worthwhile and makes a lasting affect for themselves? It may help some people short term, but what type of precedent does this create? How do people learn to accept responsibility for their own situation if the government is always going to try to bail us out?

Anyway, it doesn't matter what I think, I just hope that this economy turns around soon!


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Public Meeting for the 16th St Mall

The 16th Street Mall turned 25 years old in 2007. The Downtown Denver Partnership wants public input to help create a plan for the next 25 years. Be a part of this conversation and visioning process by attending a public meeting on April 8, 2008.

16th Street Mall Public Meeting

April 8, 5:30-7pm

Colorado History Museum
1300 Broadway

RSVP to or 303.534.6161.

Can't attend?
Submit your feedback electronically by clicking here and taking the 16th Street Mall survey.
(Approximate survey time is estimated at five minutes).

The partnership is also sponsoring a panel headed by the Urban Land Institute (ULI), and including national ULI experts, to look at the mall's future, including its redevelopment. The panel will be in Denver May 12-16.

Read the 3/25 16th Street Mall Plan Press Release >


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Denver's Beginnings

I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing group of women this evening. It was through an event called The Women of LoDo. Two women who have lived in the lower downtown historical area of Denver spoke to us and told us their stories. Two of the women purchased an old abandoned warehouse in downtown over 25 years ago. They live in those homes still today and told us what brought them to Denver and why they wanted to convert an abandoned brick building into a home. For one woman, she was inspired by how different Denver was, “it was a strange place,” she said. For another woman who was a potter, she and her husband were told that they should purchase a city block by a friend of theirs. Their $55K and $75K purchase back then, are probably now worth over a million or more.

Another woman shared the history of Denver with us and told us fun facts and anecdotes about our buildings. In short, LoDo (Lower Downtown) is where Denver originated and is 23+ square blocks. In 1858, General William Larimer built his cabin in this area and named his small settlement Denver City, after Kansas Territory Governor James W. Denver.

I found out that in addition to my building being a place of cold storage for ice, butter, ice cream, etc; there were also several filled coffins. Apparently my building stored dead bodies that were waiting to be transported on the railway system. Oooooh, that’s a little creepy.

Home Sweet Home?Ice House Denver

I don’t know if many people realize that in November, Denver will be celebrating 150 years since its founding. Because of this, I thought I would share a little bit about that time period -

Denver was established after gold was discovered in 1858 along Confluence Park in downtown. Confluence Park is where the Cherry Creek and South Platte River merge. Many more gold discoveries from 1859 to 1860 brought over 100,000 people to the area. Thus, the Colorado Gold Rush was underway, the Indians that inhabited the land were pushed out, and Colorado Territory was established by the federal government in 1861.

A network of railroads allowed Denver to become a banking, minting, supply and processing center for many neighboring states. By 1890, Denver was the second most populous city in the west, just behind San Francisco. Although founded as the main supply town for Rocky Mountain mining camps, Denver also emerged as a hub for high plains agriculture. Denver’s breweries, bakeries, meat packing and other food-processing plants made it the regional agricultural center, as well as a manufacturing hub for farm and ranch equipment, barbed wire, windmills, seed, feed and harnesses.

To learn more about Denver’s history, click here >


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Earth Hour: Lights Out on Sat. 3/29

GreenPrint Denver


Saturday, March 29, 2008

8 – 9 p.m.

On Saturday, March 29th, Earth Hour will bring millions of people around the world and across the United States together to make a strong statement about energy use and the environment.

People will turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour – from 8 to 9 p.m. local time.

Mayor John Hickenlooper is urging residents and businesses of Denver to help make Earth Hour 2008 a success by switching off lights and non-essential appliances for one hour on March 29. One person committed to reducing energy consumption can make a difference. Millions of us working together can change the world. Be part of the solution.

To learn more about Denver’s sustainable and environmental initiatives, please visit:, or call 303-865-9017.


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Public Forum for Union Station Re-Development

A few weeks ago (on March 6), I went to a workshop held by CU Denver's College of Architecture and Planning. It was a public workshop and forum to discuss the possibilities for the re-development of Denver's Union Station. It was very well organized, seemed comprehensive, and a little discouraging b/c of the small number of downtown residents involved. For me, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from others who had a great deal of knowledge in city planning.

The students have assembled the findings and posted them on the CU's website.

One of my favorite things about Denver is how the community is usually invited to get involved in public space development. I live in a fabulous city!


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Hang With the Stars For a Night

No, not the famous people, the stars that shine overhead. The universe is so vast and amazing. The Gates Planetarium in Denver and the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder are great places to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about our celestial surroundings.

If you've never been to a planetarium, it's really quite an experience. You sit under a large dome in a movie-theater chair. You look up while an educated person explains what you are looking at. You look at stars, planets, galaxies that are billions of years away. There is also a display of interesting exhibits in the hallway and surrounding areas. For example, the Fiske Planetarium has a photograph/art display of molecules found under a microscope. Quite interesting stuff and a very fun date night!


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Police Impersonators

Ok, this is scary...this past weekend, a woman in the Lakewood area was stopped by a man with a single red flashing light, in a white car, with a blue shirt. Read about it in the Rocky Mountain News.

Here's some helpful information that I received a couple of weeks ago from Grey La Certe, a Jefferson County Deputy:

Police impersonators are once again back in the spotlight in the metro area. While the actual number of police impersonation incidents is quite low in comparison to virtually all other crimes, few crimes strike more fear in the traveling public.

Virtually all law enforcement agencies utilize unmarked vehicles for law enforcement functions. When reviewing reports of impersonation incidents, there are some common themes reported by victims that will aid you in better detecting a possible impersonator:

(1) The vehicles involved in police impersonation events typically utilize ONE red or blue light. Legitimate law enforcement vehicles almost always have MULTIPLE red and blue lights and ALTERNATING flashing headlights. Remember that the purpose of a legitimate unmarked police vehicle is to be discreet during normal operations but the officers who drive those vehicles on emergencies or when conducting traffic stops want the same safety and warning provided by fully marked vehicles with overhead light bars. A poorly illuminated unmarked vehicle should be red flag number one.

(2) Look for a uniform. Most victims of police impersonation report the suspect was NOT in uniform or was dressed in a quasi-uniform. Any time you are stopped by an individual who is not in uniform, you should be wary - even if that person steps out of a marked patrol vehicle. Do not be fooled by police-related clothing apparel - baseball caps, T-shirts, jackets, etc. Look for an officer in full uniform. If the person who approaches you is a legitimate officer they will greet you with their credentials - a badge and photo ID card that identifies their agency and identifies them as a peace officer. If you have to ask for credentials, the odds are good the person is NOT an officer. A person who is not in uniform is red flag number two; a person not in uniform who does not greet you and show their credentials without being asked is red flag number three.

If you are ever in doubt about the validity of the identify of someone portraying themselves as a peace officer on a traffic stop...

(A) Acknowledge the person's presence/attempt to stop you (making eye contact, waving, turning on your hazard flashers, etc.).
(B) Pull to the right lane but do not stop until you get to a populated/well illuminated area.
(C) Do NOT accelerate or attempt to get away. Follow all traffic laws.
(D) IMMEDIATELY call 911 from your cell phone. Provide your location, your vehicle description, and explain that someone is attempting to stop you in an unmarked vehicle. Ask that a marked vehicle be sent to your location. STAY ON THE PHONE WITH THE CALL TAKER.

NOTE: It is often said that when you call 911 you will be told whether or not the person stopping you is a peace officer. That is NOT the case. Police dispatchers can only confirm when an officer from their own agency is attempting to stop you. There are times when legitimate officers from other local, state, and federal agencies conduct stops within a police department's jurisdiction. The police dispatcher you called will more than likely NOT know about these traffic stops. However, the dispatcher will send a marked patrol vehicle to you and let that officer determine the identity of the person stopping you.

(E) If you have already stopped and are approached by someone you suspect is not a legitimate peace officer, call 911 immediately.
(F) Keep your door locked but roll your window down an inch or two so that you can communicate. Explain to the person that you have called 911 and asked for a marked patrol car.
(G) A legitimate officer who is not in uniform will show you their credentials and let you view them as long as you need to but do not expect that you will be handed the credentials to inspect.
(H) If you are not satisfied with the authenticity of the credentials, tell the person you will wait for a uniformed officer in a marked patrol car.

REMEMBER: Police impersonation is a crime. Try to remember what the person's vehicle looked like (color, style, markings, lights, license plate, damage, etc.), what they looked like (age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothing, equipment, etc.), what they said and did, etc. It is very likely that if you follow these procedures that an impersonator will flee before the real police arrive. We will need your assistance to track down and arrest this person!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Grey La Certe
South Precinct Crime Prevention Deputy
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
200 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden CO 80401
720 377-2002 (office)
720 377-2028 (fax)


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The Simplest Things Make Me Happy

My cats, sitting on the sofa, and relaxing with Chris feel like the best things in the world right now. I've been working really hard lately and this market is crazy challenging. Sometimes I don't know where my hard work will end up - possibly in the crapper. That would really suck!

I feel so guilty when I take time away from work-related activities because sometimes I don't know where my next pay check is going to come from. Tonight, I ate dinner and enjoyed two bottles of beer after our volleyball game. I sat there wishing that I didn't have to come back to my computer this evening, but here I am.

I'd love to win the lottery. Who wouldn't? Then, I might be able to feel a little less guilty about not trying to be productive for a couple of hours. All things are relative, but sometimes I feel that I have no right to complain, or feel tired of work. I'm really pretty lucky when I'm able to look at the bigger picture.

This evening on the news, there was a story about gas thieves - someone or some people have been drilling holes in automobile gas tanks and stealing fuel. There have been about 8 cases reported in the Berkeley and Highland area of Denver.

I wonder if the gas thieves are doing this because they really can't afford gas, if they do it because they are pissed off at the world, or for what reason? Is it the state of the economy? Or would the media like us to think it has to do with the economy? Maybe there have always been gas thieves, but this is the first I've ever heard of it. We all know that the media has their own agenda.

I truly can't believe that gas may hit $4 a gallon this summer. I remember when it was $0.92 a gallon about 15 - 17 years ago. I think I'll just stay plopped on my sofa with my cats and husband for a while until gas comes back down - that would be really great if I could afford it!


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The Epitome of Lack of Self-Responsibility

OMG, I could not believe one of the stories I read in the paper this morning. A Gambler sues casinos for not cutting her off! This gambler isn't just any gambler, she's a lawyer for pete's sake. In most cases, I like to refer to lawyers as attorneys because I have respect for their profession, but in this case, this lady is a true lawyer - she is abusing the legal system, wasting time and money, and will be the reason for another stupid protection that a company has to put in place.

Arelia Margarita Taveras is suing 6 casinos in Atlantic City and one in Las Vegas for not cutting her off. "They had a duty to take care of me," as taken from the article. This woman is unbelievable and a terrible representation of women, lawyers, and gamblers every where. She even dipped into her clients' escrow accounts for money to gamble. She was disbarred last summer and faces criminal charges. I hope she goes to jail - people like this don't deserve any liberties!


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Gorgeous Penthouse Condo in Uptown, Denver

Check out this gorgeous penthouse condo near hip restaurants, bars, and City Park. The Milan Condominiums were completed in 2005, so this unit is like new!

Price: $389,900

Milan Condos Uptown Denver

1776 Race Street,#304
Denver, CO 80206

• 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
• 1,340 Square Feet
• Spacious Rooms & Beautiful Architecture
• Extra "flex" Room for Den/Dining
• Wood Floors
• Stainless Steel Appliances
• Slab Granite
• Walk-in Closets
• Balcony
• Air Conditioning
• Secure Building
• Storage Unit
• Covered Parking Space

1776 Race St Kitchen
1776 Race St Living Room
1776 Race St Sitting Area
1776 Race St Masterbath

Want more information? Contact me today:

Kirstan Marks, Realtor &
Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Keller Williams Realty Downtown
720-266-7389 (Mobile)
303-561-2457 (Office)
303-496-0793 (Fax)
Find your Colorado dream home >


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How Can the Economic Stimulus Package Help?

For my industry, the economic stimulus package could be a good thing. It includes increases in both the FHA and the conforming loan limits. This will hopefully wake up the housing market and provide much-needed help to homeowners with costly loans and should open the door for potential buyers across the country.

It is projected that raising the FHA loan limits alone will help more than 130,000 new buyers enter the market, and more than 200,000 people will be able to refinance their costly mortgages. Increasing the GSE loan limits will result in as many as 500,000 refinanced loans and another 300,000 home sales.

Many people don't know that it was Realtors who helped get these measures passed. Realtors across the country sent thousands of letters urging members of Congress to increase loan limits.

There is still work to be done as these increases in loan limits will only be in effect for one year. This means that Congress has to move FHA Reform out of conference so that the President can sign it into law. The Senate also must pass the GSE Reform Bill and send it to the President before this session of Congress draws to a close.

We have a good start and hopefully it continues!


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Buffett Says We're In Recession

"I would say, by any commonsense definition, we are in a recession," Buffett said on CNBC.

blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah, blah, blah blah. Did someone say it's time for recess?

Some day I'll have a share of Berkshire...someday.

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Downtown Parking Lot Bought for $16 Million

Last month, Brookfield Properties Corporation bought the parking lot at 1505 Glenarm Place, also known as the parking lot behind the Denver Pavilions mall, for $16 million. Wow, that's one expensive parking lot!

This property, now called Brookfield Plaza at Tremont, is the focus of the Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge, which is sponsored by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP). Supposedly, real estate students and faculty from CU and DU will get to submit their ideas about developing the land. Entries are due by May 7, 2008.

Brookfield owns other properties near this newest purchase: 1518 Glenarm Place, Tremont Parking Center at 400 15th St, and Republic Plaza at 370 17th St, one of Denver metro's largest and tallest office buildings (56 stories, 1.3 million sq feet).

Oh, I wish I were a Brookfield Corp Shareholder (sing to the tune of "oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner) - ok, doesn't work as well as it sounded in my head.

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