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Shhh, It's a Secret!

Rumors increase about the purchaser of the old Storage Technology Corp campus in Louisville, CO. In January, ST Acquisitions LLC bought the 432-acre StorageTek campus from Sun Microsystems Inc. for $55.6 million. Who is this mysterious ST Acquisitions LLC? Only a few people know and they are tight lipped about it. Could it be Google Inc., eBay Inc., Apple Computer Inc. or Microsoft Corp?

After the purchase, Sun Microsystems Inc. is still leasing the property until its 700 employees there can move to the Interlocken office park in Broomfield. This secret-keeping phenomenon (can't believe I spelled that word correctly from the get go) is interesting. Why does it matter? Well, supposedly, this big secret keeps the price of the property lower and employees are more productive and are less likely to leave the company because they are not concerned with the possibility of moving.

Remaining anonymous has other benefits for a buyer. If the the seller doesn't like the buyer or the buyer is a competitor, the seller might refuse to do the deal, or inflate the price. An anonymous real estate deal may also be the first of other similar deals, and the buyer doesn't want sellers to know it's in the market.

Makes sense now that I think about it!

So what happens if someone squeals? There are often severe financial penalties for anyone involved who might prematurely reveal the identity of the buyer. Speculators are calling this secret-keeping "extraordinary" and say that this clandestine buyer must be very significant.

Whoever or whatever, hopefully it brings hundreds of high-paying jobs to our area and stimulates profitable growth across many industries.

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