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Downtown Luxury and Amazing Mountain Views

This is the best of urban living. Be a part of this hip community and live near RiverFront & Confluence Park, Platte and Cherry Creek River, dining, shopping. This unit has amazing, unobstructed mountain views. Furnishings in the unit are negotiable.

Price: $429,900

Glass House Downtown Denver

• Spacious 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
• 892 Square Feet
• Wood Floors
• Walk-in Closets
• Balcony
• Air Conditioning
• Secure Building
• Pool Community
• Daily Continental Breakfast
• Theatre Room
• Business Center
• 1 Storage Unit
• 1 Parking Space Near Entry

Living Room
Bassett Kitchen
Bassett Bedroom
Bassett View

Want more information? Contact me today:

Kirstan Marks, Realtor &
Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Keller Williams Realty Downtown
720-266-7389 (Mobile)
303-561-2457 (Office)
303-496-0793 (Fax)
Find your Colorado dream home >

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Happy Leap Year!

Today is a gift...we get an extra day in the year. I've been super busy lately and I feel like I need all of the extra time I can get. Thank God for Leap Year!

As a little Leap Year treat, I thought I'd post a couple of rare pictures. This is Chris and me riding a camel in Egypt last month...My legs hurt for a couple of days after this. Our camel's name was Manny. That's the Great Pyramid of Giza (AKA Pyramid of Khufu) in the background. This was amazing to see and view as I have never seen anything this old. This is one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World and there are three large pyramids (for 3 kings) here, with smaller pyramids (for the kings' wives), and several other tombs for all of the servants and other important people in the kings' daily lives.

Riding Manny

The Pyramids of Giza are located just outside of Cairo and were constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC. Here's a picture of the Guardian's Sphinx, which has the body of a lion and head of a king or god.

This is Chris with his sister HeidiHeidi and Chris with Sphinx

The sphinx is known to symbolize strength and wisdom. The most popular and current theory of the builder of the Sphinx holds that it was commissioned by the 4th Dynasty King, Khafre (2558-2532 BC). Khafre was one of the sons of Khufu (AKA Cheops). The Sphinx lines up with the Pyramid of Khafre at the foot of its causeway.

Guardian Sphinx

This camel below isn't the same camel as the one above, but he sure was thirsty. This was the day we rode ATVs through the Sinai desert and shared a cup of tea with the Bedouins (AKA Egyptian Nomads).

Camel Drinking 7Up

I think that this would make a great advertisement for 7UP. I haven't passed it on to the execs yet.

Some day you should check out Egypt and all of the awesome history there. It was an eye-opening and very enlightening experience for me. Enjoy the free day!


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Restaurant Week Doesn't Please Every Time - Zengo's at RiverFront Sucks!

No diplomacy here. Chris and I ate a Zengo's for the first time tonight and we were really disappointed. I noticed how loud it was right after we sat at our table, then the incessant filling of our water glasses really got on our nerves. Next, there wasn't a bottle of wine on the menu under $40. On the flip side, my appetizer, a tempura salmon roll, was really yummy...Chris had a normal looking salad - it didn't look exciting enough for me to try anyway.


When we received our main entrees, our water glasses had probably been filled at least a half dozen times - they were filled after each small drink we took. It was like the water girl was going to get her head axed if she let our water glass level fall below mid line. Every dish had a sweet and sour flavor to it and that's possibly where Zengo's went wayside for me. On top of that, I felt like I was sitting in a damn cafeteria. Our table was probably only 18 inches away from the tables directly to the side of us. Every where you looked, you could see people staring back at you - no privacy, a lot of noise, and for sure, not a classy feeling.

To give Zengo's a little credit, Chris loved his chicken entree. In comparison to Briarwood Inn's chicken dish, from just the other night, he said that Briarwood's chicken dish was "like McDonalds."

Our server made our experience uncomfortable also. Every time she waited on the table next to us, I had to move my wine glass out of the way so that her ass wouldn't knock it over. She also rushed us along. Every course was brought out within minutes of each other and I barely had time to rest my back to the chair before I felt like I had to lift up a utensil and eat again. I didn't even have time to enjoy our $42 bottle of wine. We were at the restaurant a total of an hour, possibly 1 1/2 hours, but she corked up our wine like she wanted us to leave before we had finished paying our bill. What the hell? Then when I made a joke about it, she gave the rest of the wine to Chris and didn't give any to me - major server foul!!

Maybe I sound like I'm PMSing, but I don't care, I will never eat at Zengo's again. I prefer old Mexican food over new Mexican any day, especially at that price. Oh, and I just found out that we didn't win the lottery...that's a damn shame! I guess all of that negative energy above doesn't pay off.

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What Will Come of Suburbia?

I've been a part of many discussions over the past year about all of the urban revitalization happening in Denver. Clients and others have asked me if I think that Denver is over building (there over 80 new developments planned or in progress over the next few years). I really don't think so. The Downtown Denver Partnership claims that Denver is growing (225,000 more people over the next 5 years) and is a desirable place to live. Economically, Denver is strong and nationwide events such as The Democratic National Convention will only help make a mark for our city.

I listened to a renowned architect's speech back in November and all of his studies showed that people are wanting to move back into the city and be closer to the urban core. He discussed these trends in Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, and several other cities. I came across a great article that hit this message home. It's written by Christopher Leinberger who is a professor of urban planning at the University of Michigan, an author, and a real estate developer. The article's main premise is that physical deterioration and disorder seem to be spreading in suburban areas. I've included excerpts from the 3 page article below, or click on the link at the end of this entry to read the entire article.

The article's first study makes a pretty large statement about the possible slums that may occur in these areas.

Arthur C. Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, has looked carefully at trends in American demographics, construction, house prices, and consumer preferences. In 2006, using recent consumer research, housing supply data, and population growth rates, he modeled future demand for various types of housing. The results were bracing: Nelson forecasts a likely surplus of 22 million large-lot homes (houses built on a sixth of an acre or more) by 2025—that’s roughly 40 percent of the large-lot homes in existence today.

For 60 years, Americans have pushed steadily into the suburbs, transforming the landscape and (until recently) leaving cities behind. But today the pendulum is swinging back toward urban living, and there are many reasons to believe this swing will continue. As it does, many low-density suburbs and McMansion subdivisions, including some that are lovely and affluent today, may become what inner cities became in the 1960s and ’70s—slums characterized by poverty, crime, and decay.

Christopher also mentioned that "People are being drawn to the convenience and culture of walkable urban neighborhoods across the country...Sprawling, large-lot suburbs become less attractive as they become more densely built, but urban areas—especially those well served by public transit—become more appealing as they are filled in and built up.

Christopher Leinberger's article referenced another study:

In one study, for instance, Levine and his colleagues asked more than 1,600 mostly suburban residents of the Atlanta and Boston metro areas to hypothetically trade off typical suburban amenities (such as large living spaces) against typical urban ones (like living within walking distance of retail districts). All in all, they found that only about a third of the people surveyed solidly preferred traditional suburban lifestyles, featuring large houses and lots of driving. Another third, roughly, had mixed feelings. The final third wanted to live in mixed-use, walkable urban areas—but most had no way to do so at an affordable price. Over time, as urban and faux-urban building continues, that will change...Young people are starting families later than earlier generations did, and having fewer children. The Boomers themselves are becoming empty-nesters, and many have voiced a preference for urban living. By 2025, the U.S. will contain about as many single-person households as families with children.

In Denver, the newspapers have highlighted several problems with our inner city public schools. Their articles say that the schools are too crowded, test scores aren't at the levels they should be, and debates occur about whether they should be shut down, some have already been shut down. Many young people seem to be enrolled in private and magnet schools. Christopher states that "Schooling and safety are likely to improve in urban areas, as those areas continue to gentrify; they may worsen in many suburbs if the tax base—often highly dependent on house values and new development—deteriorates."

The writer predicts that "not all suburbs will suffer this fate. Those that are affluent and relatively close to central cities—especially those along rail lines—are likely to remain in high demand. Some, especially those that offer a thriving, walkable urban core, may find that even the large-lot, residential-only neighborhoods around that core increase in value."

Supposedly, "many inner suburbs that are on the wrong side of town, and poorly served by public transport, are already suffering what looks like inexorable decline. Low-income people, displaced from gentrifying inner cities, have moved in, and longtime residents, seeking more space and nicer neighborhoods, have moved out."

The article finishes by saying, "despite this glum forecast for many swaths of suburbia, we should not lose sight of the bigger picture—the shift that’s under way toward walkable urban living is a healthy development. In the most literal sense, it may lead to better personal health and a slimmer population." The writer doubt[s] "that the swing toward urban living will ever proceed as far as the swing toward the suburbs did in the 20th century; many people will still prefer the bigger houses and car-based lifestyles of conventional suburbs. But there will almost certainly be more of a balance between walkable and drivable communities—allowing people in most areas a wider variety of choices."

Read the entire article:
The Next Slum? or visit the website for other articles: The


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Can't Beat Restaurant Week!

You've got to take advantage of this opportunity! Denver Restaurant Week is going on now, there's only 3 more days left. Participating restaurants are offering a multi-course dinner for the fixed price of $52.80 for two, or $26.40 for one (not including tax or gratuity).

So far we've tried Kevin Taylor's at The Opera House and The Briarwood Inn. Good food, great price, and the best part is that you don't have to do any dishes. More Info ->


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Kitty For Dinner?

I bought a new pan a couple of weeks ago from one of my favorite stores, Costco. I used it for the first time last night and I swear it must have had cat nip in it. It was difficult to get Gracie to stay out of it.

Gracie in New Pan

And Beefer could have cared less...then again, she and Gracie really dislike each other.

Beef Cares Less

Dinner tasted pretty good, even with cat hair!


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Black Hawk Bash

Ok, so we partied in Black Hawk, Colorado last night - yes, another girls night. Soon, we'll be cut off from all of these exclusive female nights out. Our men are the best and a couple of them even stayed home with the kid(s)! Anyway, we either lost money or came out even, no one won a jack pot unfortunately. I came out only $40 in the hole, including meals and accommodations - that's not too bad for a great night of entertainment and mayhem. We had a blast.

We stayed at Colorado Central Station - nice rooms, but they were steaming hot through the night and we were all a bit uncomfortable.

Here are the most G-rated pictures that I could find - yes, my eyes are closed in the top one, but like I said they're G-rated.

girls party at Black Hawk, CO

Still can't believe we didn't get kicked out of that restaurant...oooh, we were loud!

limbo at Black Hawk

Playing limbo after dinner...oh my.


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Denver on YouTube and Other Denver Stuff

Check out this video created by The Downtown Denver Partnership on YouTube. That guy talks fast...I don't really like how he ends every sentence on a high note. I know, picky, picky.

Other news:

DNC Impact on LoDo

The Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Denver ChopHouse Caboose Room. The title for the evening is "Ready or Not, Here It Comes -- The 2008 Democratic National Convention, Its Impact on Lodo."

Some association business will be conducted, but the main focus will be on getting an insider's look at the coming convention and how it will affect the community of LoDo.

The speaker will be the Honorable Elbra Wedgeworth, President and Chair of the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee. Ms. Wedgeworth is former Denver City Councilperson from District 8.

A social hour with appetizers begins at 5:30 pm. The meeting itself begins at 6:30 pm and concludes at 7:30 pm.

Admission is $10 per person, which includes appetizers and two glasses of beer or wine. Memberships to LoDoNA may be taken out or renewed during the evening. However, you do not need to be a member of the neighborhood association to attend. All are welcome.

Denver's Highly Anticipated Restaurant Week

You've got to take advantage of this opportunity! Denver Restaurant Week is a seven-day celebration of the culinary scene in Denver. From Feb. 23-29, 2008, participating restaurants offer a multi-course dinner for the fixed price of $52.80 for two, or $26.40 for one (not including tax or gratuity). More Info ->

Metro Taxi

In an effort to be the "greenest taxi company in the country," Metro Taxi is adding 10 more hybrid cars to their fleet, and retrofitting all of the lighting fixtures in their facility with energy efficient lighting.

Yum, Yum, Anytime is a Good Time for a Cupcake

"Yum Yums" located in the Denver Pavilions was named "Best Bite" by 5280 for the month of February. Yum Yums specializes in cupcakes and other delectable, edible treats.

Terrific Taco Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, head on over to Lime for Taco Tuesday. Mix and match your taco selections with an almost endless variety of meats, fish, seafood and vegetables - $1 for meat and vegetable tacos, and $3 for fish and seafood tacos. Wash it all down with $3 shots and $4 house margaritas on the rocks.


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Blah, blah, blah, blah

That's what politicians start to sound like after speaking for 2 hours. Actually, it was interesting stuff. Yesterday, I got to be a part of Realtor Day at the Capitol. Our elected officials told us their focus, their goals, bills that they are pushing, a bunch of statistics, blah, blah, blah.

Beautiful Day at the Capitol
Denver Capitol Building

We had the opportunity to meet our legislatures, hear Governor Bill Ritter, House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, Representative David Balmer, and Senators Andy McElhany and Peter Groff speak.

Well versed Governor Bill Ritter
Governor Bill Ritter

A very animated, fast talker Speaker of the House, Representative Andrew Romanoff
Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff


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Shhh, It's a Secret!

Rumors increase about the purchaser of the old Storage Technology Corp campus in Louisville, CO. In January, ST Acquisitions LLC bought the 432-acre StorageTek campus from Sun Microsystems Inc. for $55.6 million. Who is this mysterious ST Acquisitions LLC? Only a few people know and they are tight lipped about it. Could it be Google Inc., eBay Inc., Apple Computer Inc. or Microsoft Corp?

After the purchase, Sun Microsystems Inc. is still leasing the property until its 700 employees there can move to the Interlocken office park in Broomfield. This secret-keeping phenomenon (can't believe I spelled that word correctly from the get go) is interesting. Why does it matter? Well, supposedly, this big secret keeps the price of the property lower and employees are more productive and are less likely to leave the company because they are not concerned with the possibility of moving.

Remaining anonymous has other benefits for a buyer. If the the seller doesn't like the buyer or the buyer is a competitor, the seller might refuse to do the deal, or inflate the price. An anonymous real estate deal may also be the first of other similar deals, and the buyer doesn't want sellers to know it's in the market.

Makes sense now that I think about it!

So what happens if someone squeals? There are often severe financial penalties for anyone involved who might prematurely reveal the identity of the buyer. Speculators are calling this secret-keeping "extraordinary" and say that this clandestine buyer must be very significant.

Whoever or whatever, hopefully it brings hundreds of high-paying jobs to our area and stimulates profitable growth across many industries.


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If I Didn't Love My Loft, I'd Buy This House...

I preview properties daily and I love looking at homes, especially homes that are well planned and constructed. I walked through this home today and I was really impressed.

2670 Stuart Street, Denver2670 Stuart Street, Denver

The floor plan is one of the best I've seen in a long time and the style fits nicely with the neighborhood. The interior has great fixtures and touches. It's a brand new home in the Highland area of Denver, almost exactly 6 blocks from Sloan Lake and 6 blocks the other direction to 32nd Street.

I was also previewing homes in the Berkley area and came across this interesting start to a new home. I'm sure you guessed that it will be a contemporary style. Either it's the world's skinniest home, or more will be added to this structure. Isn't it interesting how homes start out?

Berkley Neighborhood


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2nd Annual Networking Power Lunch

My leads group with the Colorado Womens Chamber of Commerce is holding our 2nd annual power lunch. It's an opportunity for people to join us for lunch, network, and learn about the terrific businesses that are a part of our group. We have a great time and hope that you can stop by!

CWCC Leads Expo Invitation


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Eat at California Pizza Kitchen on February 26th

Help Raise Money for Habitat for Humanity's Youth Program

Youth United, a new Habitat for Humanity program that engages youth ages 5-25 with Habitat's mission, is holding their first fundraiser at the California Pizza Kitchen on Tuesday, February 26th. When you visit the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, dinner or carry out, 20% of your bill will directly benefit the Youth United program. You can choose from four locations: Cherry Creek Mall, Park Meadows Mall, CO Mills Mall and Flatiron Crossing - California Pizza Kitchen's Website. In order to receive the 20% you must bring a coupon with you. To download the coupon visit Habitat's website, the coupon is on the homepage.


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Great Opportunity to Own in Wash Park for Under $300K!

I'll be holding an open house on Saturday from 1-4 p.m. at a terrific home in the Washington Park area.

1162 S. Clarkson Street, Denver

Price: $299,900
2 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
1576 Square Feet

It's a great time to buy a home or investment property in the Denver metro area. Home affordability today is better than it has been in almost three years and interest rates are now at 40-year historic lows. I would love to get you in touch with an experienced, trustworthy lending partner to discuss your mortgage questions and needs. Email me today at !


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Kids Expo & Volunteer for the DNC!

Colorado Kids is a great resource for families with children. This weekend the Colorado Convention Center is hosting a Radio Disney's All About Kids Expo. What fun!

Volunteers Needed for the Democratic National Convention

Help promote Denver to a nationwide audience and volunteer today!

The Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Denver on August 23-28, 2008 at the Pepsi Center, is in need of 12,000 volunteers. Volunteers will be needed in the following areas:

  • Greeters- at hotels, at airport, on streets
  • Transportation- drivers, directing traffic, bike service
  • Event planning preparation/setup
  • Security
  • Data entry/computer programs
  • Tour guides
  • Registration
  • Phones
  • Dispatch
  • Supervision
  • Clerical
  • Research
  • Staff for Mayor Hickenlooper's call system

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