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Best New Condo Project in Denver

Leading the way in green development, Zocalo Community Development has struck Gold; LEED Gold certified that is. Zocalo's newest planned development at 2020 Lawrence Street in downtown Denver will be the first residential property in the Rocky Mountain West certified LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBG).

Here are a few of the green amenities offered:

  • Preferred parking for owners w/ hybrid vehicles
  • European-style, dual-flush toilets
  • Photovoltaic solar energy -- estimated to cut unit power bills by around $250 a year.
  • E-switches -- by hitting the e-switch when a homeowner leaves home, condo owners will shut down most electrical outlets and prevent "phantom" electricity drains.
  • Compact florescent lighting -- uses one-sixth the energy of standard incandescent light bulbs, and doesn't generate as much heat.
  • 50 percent wool carpeting with natural jute backing, which minimizes off-gases.

Zocalo expects to break ground on 20/20 Lawrence in March 2008 and finish in June 2009. The project features 60 residential condos on floors 3 through 8, and retail and parking on the 1st and 2nd level. The development is more than a third sold and I've sold two of the condos personally. Contact me today at 303-561-2457 or at to learn about this development and to get your hands on one of these sweet new residential units.


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Real Estate in the News

Colorado Foreclosures - Rocky Mountain News

The number of real estate owned (REO) filings dropped by 45 percent in the first 10 months of the year, compared with the same period in more

Foreclosures Impactful - Denver Post

A third-quarter report on home values in the metro area shows that
foreclosures and short sales are still having an impact on Denver-area housing markets - particularly those where homes are priced at no more than $200, more

Metro Home Prices Drop - Rocky Mountain News

Denver-area home prices fell by about 5.4 percent in October from a year earlier. The average price of a single-family home dropped to $289,754 in October from $306,306 a year earlier. The median price fell to $234,200 in October from $247,600 in October more

Prices Slip - Denver Post

Figures for the Denver metro area show the housing slump continuing unabated. Area sales declined by 7 percent. Sales and prices of existing homes continued to decline in October compared with the same month a year ago, according to new data released more

New Homes Crashing - Rocky Mountain News

The subprime market meltdown is hitting home builders in the Denver area harder than anytime since the 1980s, when the economy collapsed in the wake of an oil and gas more

Commercial Catching the Bug - Rocky Mountain News

The housing market woes festering in Denver for the past half-dozen years will spread to the previously red-hot commercial real estate market, experts said at a conference more


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Helpful & Free Seminar: Avoid the 5 Most Common Home Buying Mistakes

Our correcting market has made it a great time to buy a home in the Denver area. Do you know someone who might benefit from a free home buyer seminar about how to avoid the 5 most common home buying mistakes? If so, they shouldn't miss this great opportunity to learn essential information. The seminar is not a sales pitch and is meant purely to educate and provide an opportunity to ask questions in a pressure free environment.

Enjoy Home Wealth, Avoid the 5 Most Common Home Buying Mistakes
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Time: 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Place: 2701 Alcott Street, 2nd Floor, Denver, CO 80211
Free parking is available in the large parking lot directly across the street, or in the lot behind the building.

Space is filling up fast so reserve your seats by calling 303-561-2457 or emailing . Please RSVP before November 9, 2007.

There will be great information, food, and door prizes. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might be interested.


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Foreclosures by Neighborhood

Mixed reviews have been given to this interactive foreclosure graph provided by the Denver Post. Check out the foreclosure activity for your area.

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Passionately Urban

Welcome to my journey. My name is Kirstan Borne and I'm an active community member, a Denver Realtor, RE investor, property manager, appraiser in training and a business owner. I moved from the suburbs to the city of Denver over 12 years ago. I'm passionate about intelligent and prosperous growth of Denver and state of Colorado. Location Innovators, Llc.

Kirstan Denver Realtor

To connect with me, email me at To search for a new home in the Denver metro area, please visit here .

Disclaimer: Regarding information throughout this blog that may appear to be advice - be sure to consult with your own qualified CPA and/or attorney concerning any legal matter.

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