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Consumed by Rocktober!

The Rockies are kicking butt and we are lovin every minute. The Rockies are 21-1 since Sept. 15. They swept the Arizona Diamondbacks in 4 games to win the National Championship Series. Come along for the ride with us!

Toast to the Rockies

One Wet Cold Game

Rockies Win

Celebrating the Rockies

Rockies are number 1

From "The Rockies are going to their first World Series after their 21st win in 22 games, a 6-4 victory over the D-backs in Game 4 on Monday. Colorado finished off the sweep of Arizona with a two-out, six-run rally in the fourth inning. Pinch-hitter Seth Smith doubled home two runs, Kazuo Matsui lined an RBI single and NLCS MVP Matt Holliday capped the rally with a three-run homer."

Now we wait for them to play the Boston Red Sox. Should be interesting on the home front since I'm a Rockies fan and Chris is loyal in rooting for his Sox.


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Fundraising & Networking

I hope that you might join me for an evening of fundraising and networking in November. This event has been organized by a small group of us who are members of the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce (CWCC). The proceeds and donations will benefit Aaron Kornmueller. Aaron is the son of Donna Evans, the CWCC's CEO.

Aaron, 21 years old, was hurt badly in a motor vehicle accident recently. He was severely burned and lost his right arm. The purpose of our event is to raise funds to help cover his medical costs, recovery, and purchase a prosthesis.

Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Time: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Place: Dave & Busters
2000 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO
Price: $20 per ticket
Order tickets or RSVP: Emily Ossmann 303-674-1891

Ticket includes one drink, hors d'oeuvres, complementary game card for 1-3 games, and the opportunity to bid on donated gift items - just in time for the holiday season. An image of the flyer is below. Please feel free to pass on this information to anyone who might be interested in joining us.

For more information about the Colorado Womens Chamber of Commerce, visit .


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Real Estate Update

Homes are Selling!

Statistics taken from Denver’s Metrolist show that many sought-after neighborhoods, such as Highlands, continue to show healthy growth and steady appreciation. East Highlands, area code 80211, saw 36.79% more homes sold in the second quarter of 2007 than in the same quarter of 2006. West Highlands, area code 80212, saw 16.67% more homes sold at an average of 99% of asking price, and an average price gain of 7.31%. Congress Park, zip code 80206, saw 69.89% more homes sold than in the same period last year. Neighborhoods such as Five Points, Curtis Park, Whittier, zip code 80205, nearly doubled the amount of homes sold, and zip codes 80218, 80231, and 80237 doubled, and nearly tripled, their number of homes sold as compared to the same period last year. Hilltop/Virginia Vale, zip code 80246, saw an average price gain of 86.16% to an average of $702,200 with a 33.33% gain in number of homes sold and received an average of 96.6% of asking price.


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Rockies Exciting Rally

Here we are at the wild card game - the best game of the season! The Rockies won in the 13th inning and it was the most exciting baseball game I have ever seen. The Rockies beat the Padres 9-8.

best rockies win ever

This game sends the Rockies to the playoffs and I can't wait to cheer them on! Go Rockies.

Passionately Urban

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Kirstan Denver Realtor

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