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Colorado Real Estate Auction Series - April 18 - 21, 2007

Auctions for Colorado properties will be held from April 18-21, 2007. These auctions will be held by Hudson & Marshall, which is a company with 38 years of nation-wide property auction experience.

I will be happy to send you a list of specific properties that will be auctioned. The properties in these auctions are valued from $25,000 to $250,000. If you would like further information about any of the properties, such as a comparative market analysis of the property value, and/or would like to view a property in advance, please contact me.

It would be a pleasure to represent you as your buyer agent if you are interested in purchasing a property at auction.

Buyer representation is an excellent value to you because:

*It is FREE to you, it is a service paid for by the Seller.
*It does not affect the purchase price of the property.
*It insures that your transaction will progress smoothly.
*I have access to a large network of experienced financing consultants, contractors, etc.
*It will allow you to have access to an experienced advocate/counselor throughout your purchase.

Answers to some of your questions are included below. Wishing you a joyful Spring!

Most Frequently Asked Questions
(regarding real estate auctions in general)

What kind of homes are sold at auction?
Any kind of property can be sold at auction. Some properties are sold subject to an existing tenancy which you will need to take over as the new landlord, so double check at the outset if the property is being sold with vacant possession.

However, most auction properties are on the market because:

-of repossession, bankruptcy, or because the seller needs to clear their debts.
-the owner has died and the property has been left empty.
-they are in need of some or a lot of renovation work - it's rare that properties in 'move in' condition come up for sale through auction.
-they are very unusual and difficult to value.
-they are likely to generate a great deal of interest.

Who buys homes at auction?
Until recently, auction properties were mainly bought by investors looking to sell them on at a profit. But now more people are using auctions to find homes to buy. However, auction homes are not usually suitable for first time buyers because:

-they often need a lot of expensive renovation work.
-they usually require a large upfront investment.

What are the advantages of buying a home at auction?
1. The main advantage of buying at auction is the price. Auction property is generally much cheaper than property bought through a listing agent.
2. The bidding system is transparent - you know what the other buyers are offering, so you won't end up putting in a higher bid than necessary in order to secure the sale.
3. Sales at auction go through very quickly - you'll usually be able to move in just 28 days after the sale.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
(regarding April 18-21, 2007 real estate auctions)

Can anyone attend? Yes! It is a live auction open to the public.

Is there a fee to attend/register? No! It is free to register.

Is there a minimum bid? No! The public will start the bidding.

What am I required to bring? In order to bid you must have a photo I.D. and a personal or business check, cash, or cashier’s check for a down payment of five percent (5%) of the purchase price (high bid plus a 5%-buyer’s premium,) or $2500 – whichever is greater.

How much earnest money must I put down if I win the bid? You must put down five percent (5%) of the total purchase price OR $2500 (whichever is greater.) We accept personal/business checks or cash. No credit cards or credit checks will be accepted.

What is the “buyer’s premium”? It is a 5% fee that will be based off of your high bid amount and added to it, comprising the total purchase price.

How long will I have to pay the rest? 30 days

Will the seller accept my high bid at the auction? In the past, 92% of the high bids were accepted on auction day, or within a few days after.

Can I use my own real estate agent? Yes! If you have an agent that you would like to have present at the auction, they will be paid a 2% commission by the seller.

Do I have to pay back taxes or liens? No! The properties are sold with free and clear title.

Who pays for the owner’s title insurance? The seller will pay for and provide owner’s title insurance to the property.

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Know someone who wants to buy or sell property or has questions regarding real estate? Please keep me in mind; I'll take great care of them!

Kirstan Marks
Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Keller Williams Realty
720-266-7389 (Mobile)
303-561-2457 (Office)
303-496-0793 (Fax)

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