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Kidless Couple or DINKS

Whatever you want to call us...the point is we have no kids. I've moved to Denver with my husband. He runs a successful web hosting company - NetFronts, Inc. and I've decided to get my real estate license in Colorado. We have other business ventures. We've worked very hard on them and we are lucky that they've gone well. The one I enjoy the most is the company that we created to invest in real estate. That's why I decided to pursue real estate full time. I'm so excited...I take my licensing exam on Friday.

In a deep moment of desperation last year (while living in Utah), I started a website called . Utah is the hardest place to live when you don't follow the dominant religion (LDS-Latter Day Saints, AKA Mormonism). Now that I'm in Colorado, I would still like to see where it could go. With the email inquiries I receive, there seems to be a need. It's NOT a swingers site.

Passionately Urban

Welcome to my journey. My name is Kirstan Borne and I'm an active community member, a Denver Realtor, RE investor, property manager, appraiser in training and a business owner. I moved from the suburbs to the city of Denver over 12 years ago. I'm passionate about intelligent and prosperous growth of Denver and state of Colorado. Location Innovators, Llc.

Kirstan Denver Realtor

To connect with me, email me at To search for a new home in the Denver metro area, please visit here .

Disclaimer: Regarding information throughout this blog that may appear to be advice - be sure to consult with your own qualified CPA and/or attorney concerning any legal matter.

Connect with me on Facebook Kirstan Marks, Kirstan Marks, Realtor (Location Innovators Llc): Commercial Real Estate Agent in Denver, CO

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