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Leaving 2006

My favorite things about 2006:

*Moving to Denver
*Meeting new people, the friends we've made
*Living in the same state as immediate family
*Playing volleyball
*Learning how to get around Denver
*Blizzards that occur when you are safe at home and don't have to be anywhere
*Four major sports teams within a 1 mile radius
*A city that requests and encourages community involvement in major decisions


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Not Enough Time to Work & Play

Living in Utah was was all work because there was nothing else to do. Everything there was so family or church oriented, not that there is anything wrong with that, but what are the people without kids and family nearby supposed to do? Anyway, in Denver, I have the opposite problem. There is something to do all of the time. I'm constantly on the go and it's amazing the amount of things that there are to get involved in and do. It's really a test of discipline...I haven't experienced this feeling since college. I feel like a kid in a candy store.


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I saw the same bumper sticker on two different cars today so I had to come home and look it up. Every letter has a symbol that represents a system of thought: The crescent and star for Islam; the pentagram for Wicca; the relativity formula for science or in the image above, the symbols for man and woman; the star of David for Judaism; the Karma Wheel dotting the i for Buddhism; the Tao symbol for Taoism; the cross for Christianity.

It's a lovely sentiment; however, it takes all of those groups to allow it to be true.


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Kidless Couple or DINKS

Whatever you want to call us...the point is we have no kids. I've moved to Denver with my husband. He runs a successful web hosting company - NetFronts, Inc. and I've decided to get my real estate license in Colorado. We have other business ventures. We've worked very hard on them and we are lucky that they've gone well. The one I enjoy the most is the company that we created to invest in real estate. That's why I decided to pursue real estate full time. I'm so excited...I take my licensing exam on Friday.

In a deep moment of desperation last year (while living in Utah), I started a website called . Utah is the hardest place to live when you don't follow the dominant religion (LDS-Latter Day Saints, AKA Mormonism). Now that I'm in Colorado, I would still like to see where it could go. With the email inquiries I receive, there seems to be a need. It's NOT a swingers site.


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Moving In!

Hauling boxes and furniture up on an elevator vs. in through an attached garage was really different. We had to give our HOA management company a $100 deposit to use the elevator key for the day.

Our movers were awesome and worked very hard. The spiral staircase in the middle of our loft gave us the biggest challenges - I didn't even think about what it would be like to try to get furniture up those stairs. We had to do a lot of re-arranging.

The cats are already making themselves at home!


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First Weekend Back in Colorado!

This is me after climbing up the Incline in Manitou Springs. This was the weekend that we moved back to Colorado from our suburban home on the west bench of the Wasatch Mountains (just outside of Salt Lake City).

Watch out Denver, here we come!

P.S. I got really sick and dehydrated after this. It sucked.


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Welcome to Passionately Urban!

This is the tale of thirtysomethings in the city of Denver. Join me every once in a while to learn more!

Passionately Urban

Welcome to my journey. My name is Kirstan Borne and I'm an active community member, a Denver Realtor, RE investor, property manager, appraiser in training and a business owner. I moved from the suburbs to the city of Denver over 12 years ago. I'm passionate about intelligent and prosperous growth of Denver and state of Colorado. Location Innovators, Llc.

Kirstan Denver Realtor

To connect with me, email me at To search for a new home in the Denver metro area, please visit here .

Disclaimer: Regarding information throughout this blog that may appear to be advice - be sure to consult with your own qualified CPA and/or attorney concerning any legal matter.

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